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Our Goals and Objectives

Our Mission


Committed to creating innovative solutions with Excellence.



Our Vision


A technologically and geographically diversified business, shaping the future of the Industrial Gas Markets in the Caribbean Basin.



Our Corporate Social Responsibility


Massy Gas Products (Trinidad) Ltd. acknowledges its Social Responsibility to provide support to individuals, community groups and non-profit organizations in need. The Company makes cash and non –cash donations to Non Governmental Organizations’, Schools, Religious and Voluntary Organizations.



Our Integrated Management System Policy


Quality, Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) forms an integral part of our business at Massy Gas Products (Trinidad) Ltd., as such, our commitment to all our stakeholders is demonstrated by an integrated management systems approach.


Massy Gas Products (Trinidad) Ltd. is dedicated to being the best industrial (including medical, and food-grade) gas company in the markets we serve, locally and regionally. Our values include:

  • Being customer focused
  • Safe and secured operations
  • Development and empowerment of our human resources
  • Responsible corporate citizenship


To support this, we shall maintain an effective Integrated Management System (IMS) in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and ISO 45001 standards, which provide a framework that helps us to achieve our company’s objectives.



Our success will be achieved through:


  1. Adherence to Quality, Food Safety, and OHS considerations as an integral part of the manufacture, distribution, and transportation of our products and in planning for new products, services, facilities, and processes.
  2. Commitment to satisfy all applicable Quality, Food Safety and OHS requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed customer requirements related to Quality, Food Safety and OHS.
  3. Provision of Carbon Dioxide for the Beverage and Food Industry that is safe for human consumption.
  4. Provision of healthy and safe working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health which are appropriate to the specific nature of the occupational risks to which workers and others are exposed.
  5. Ensuring hazard and root cause identification is performed, allowing for OHS risks to be mitigated to as low as reasonably practical by employing the Hierarchy of Hazard Controls.
  6. Actively engaging with, our suppliers, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders to promote responsible and safe management of products and processes.
  7. Facilitating and engaging active worker representatives’ participation, consultation, engagement, communications on matters related to Quality, Food Safety and OHS.




8.Provision and dissemination of capabilities, knowledge, and resources, to our employees to effectively perform their tasks.

9.Commitment to training all new employees on key aspects of the IMS system.

10.Validation of the IMS through the internal and external audit process .

11.Extension of our IMS practices throughout our Supply Chain Process.

12.Support of the communities within which we operate.

13.Conservation of the environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities


Success will be driven through management and organizational commitment, allocation of human and capital resources and rigorous continuous improvement systems. We will review this policy and its contents as often as required to be effectively implemented.




Media Statement - Friday 7th May 2021

Massy Gas Products continues to service hospitals and health facilities

Massy Gas Products is the Premier Oxygen supplier to Trinidad and the Southern Caribbean through its partnerships with key oxygen generating facilities in the country and has significant capacity to meet unexpected demand. This includes a well devised infrastructural plan with the nation’s hospitals to meet current demands based on the bed spaces available.

As a result of the current state of affairs, Massy Gas Products has been proactively procuring equipment to increase its delivery capability to meet unanticipated demand.

In addition, with the increase of COVID-19 positive cases across Trinidad and Tobago, Massy Gas Products has been engaging with all of its stakeholders including the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities to ensure oxygen availability either through liquid oxygen and/or delivery of cylinders to hospitals and health facilities.

It has noted a significant increase in demand from private individuals who are seeking to purchase medical oxygen cylinders for personal use in the case of an emergency. At this time, the organisation says it is unable to meet those demands from private individuals, but it remains committed to certifying and filling cylinders that are privately owned. We wish to reiterate we will not be entertaining the purchase of medical oxygen cylinders for personal use, but only certifying and filling cylinders where applicable.

Massy Gas Products wishes to assure the public that there is no shortage in the availability and supply of medical oxygen to medical facilities. The company urges the population to continue adhering to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health and not from unverified sources.